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Our Roots

In the real world, problems don't come with answer keys or clear-cut feedback. It takes ingenuity and an ability to research, adapt and scrape together smaller parts of a solution into the whole. In August 2018, our founders discussed the amazing implications of Blockchain in the basement of Hamilton Hall at Penn State and that marked the beginning of the first chapter of our incredible journey. With no outlet to learn and no place to develop these skills it seemed appropriate to take on the challenge of doing something hard and bringing complicated technology to the common student. An opportunity to impact arose. Through Bootcamps, Projects and exclusive Networking events the community and interest in Blockchain slowly but surely grew.


As more and more interesting opportunities arose for the members of Blockchain@PSU an immediate problem arose. The stark technical dept in cutting edge technologies. The fact that there is not enough people adequately prepared to tackle the big world problems. Using their experiences, expertise and corporate connections common themes arose. Talking to CEOs, entrepreneurs, companies and industry professionals Blockchain@PSU finds itself at an important crossroads.


As students the Founders were more intune with student’s needs and wants. As young professionals at top firms, they followed followed technological and employers trends. And as leaders of an organization they were poised in a unique situation. With the support of a big university with an internal “startup culture” with lean principles in mind Blockchain@PSU is one of a kind. A club run by students, for students, targeted to inspire and educate.


Born out of necessity, forged by experience - Blockchain@PSU is an interesting mix of coding athletes, business ninjas and entrepreneurial leaders working together to create an impact, as WE ARE one organization.

Our Branches


Our Leaves



Introductory Coding Bootcamp that prepares you for intense Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Bootcamp

Explore the world of Blockchain by building your own and work on various projects



Dive into the Finance space of the FinTech community, learning the applications of Blockchain Technology



The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

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